Accounting Outsourcing

Need a support team?

Are you focusing on your business processes so that you can concentrate on creating, selling or distributing your products and services? Do you want to spend more time and be more effective in your field of expertise and get out from under your administrative burden?

Have you considered the possibility of delegating your administrative processes to better support your operational, production or sales teams?

Our outsourcing team consists of some 15 professionals to give our clients a helping hand. They can then build on their strengths by letting our team take over some of their administrative activities.


Are you sick and tired of accounting? Our team of accounting experts is ready to fill in for you. Whether it be for occasional or ongoing needs, the experienced technicians and professionals at Labranche Therrien Daoust Lefrançois will meet all your accounting needs.

Entrust us with your account books. A member of our team will partially or fully manage your bookkeeping. You will have an accurate and timely picture of your entity’s financial position and results. Depending on your individual requirements, we can handle one or all of the following:

  • Treatment of transactions using your source documents
  • Preparation of tax reports using your source documents
  • Revision of accounting work
  • Production of monthly financial statements
  • Providing personnel with accounting assistance

By outsourcing your accounting to our dedicated team of professionals, you ensure that your financial information will be treated properly and timely.

Payroll Processing

If you consider your business’s payroll processing as a necessary evil and unavoidable loss of time, maybe you should consider entrusting us with this task. You will no longer have to wonder if the payroll deductions were done properly and in compliance with the rules, if the government remittances were sent on time, or if the tax slips and government summaries were produced on time and according to established standards.

We will handle the following:

  • Confidential payroll processing using your source documents
  • Integration of taxable benefits
  • Preparation of government remittance reports (consumption taxes, payroll deductions, etc.)
  • Issuance of tax slips and associated summaries
  • and much more…

Financial Reporting

With enviable expertise, our team will identify the financial reports needed for the effective management of your business.

We can adapt financial reports to the formats established by your company to comply with the requirements of your field of activity, the needs of your banking institutions or simply for ensuring reliable follow-up of all your regular or occasional needs.

Other Services

Labranche Therrien Daoust Lefrançois also offers the following accounting services:

  • Personnel training
  • Monthly closing and account reconciliation
  • Distribution of Acomba products