Michel Daoust

CPA Auditor

When Experience Speaks


Michel Daoust is a chartered professional accountant whose skills are matched by his extensive expertise accumulated over many years in the firm. A dedicated father involved in his community, he learned the value of hard work early in life, which he continues to put in practice in both family and business. This ability to invest of oneself allowed him to develop close relationships with his clients.

He graduated from HEC Montreal in Business Administration in 1979. In 1996, he joined Rocheleau Labranche, which became LTDL in 2015. In addition to managing human resources and recruitment within the firm, he has developed a small business clientele, for which he has become THE go-to person, someone clients cannot do without. Over the years, he has opted for medium-sized companies with a more developed financial structure, allowing him to focus on overall management.

Clients of this amateur gourmet include several restaurants, in addition to research and development and high-tech companies. He also has significant expertise in the franchising field and acts as an advisor for large franchise networks.

Are you looking for a talented and responsible accountant who is available as well as disciplined? Call Michel Daoust; he will fit the bill perfectly.

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